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Another Boisterous Day's Racing on the Bay of Palma

Palma's Superyacht Cup doesn't only bring sailors together from all corners of the globe, but is also an event where the camaraderie plays a pivotal role in the regatta's enjoyment. This was most evident during last night's lively SYC Dock Party, where owners, guests and crew got to rub shoulders, relax  and talk 'sailing', to a vibrant soundtrack of the Hogan House Band's uplifting tunes.

Hot sunshine and nice sailing conditions mid-afternoon set the scene for today's second day of racing. The race committee elected an exciting course for each class ranging from 20-25nm, the first, shorter course was sailed by Class B. Both options not only suited today's light conditions but also saw the competition tussling for lanes and safety officers having to keep their eyes peeled. And while the 33m defending champion Win Win and 32m return competitor Bolero came out on top during Race Day One, today could easily see yesterday's non-winners' appetite for victory return the results, securing their spot on the podium.

Racing kicked off at 13.00 and saw the 32m Southern Wind Farfalla get off to a flying start, gliding over the start line two seconds after schedule. The talk of the regatta this year, newbie boat Ribelle, staunchly held on to her lead since the start while she rounded the third (Bahia 1) mark in Class A. However yesterday's top dog Win Win crept up from behind, which resulted in a thrilling overtaking maneuver putting this Baltic built beauty at the head of the pack while rounding mark 4. The next point was as exhilarating as top-gun-trio Win Win, Ribelle and, now, Saudade all rounded within 2 minutes and 7 seconds of each other. Top performer Win Win refused to back down today and slipped over the finish ahead of Ribelle and Saudade, who crossed second and third respectively.

The beautiful modern classic Bolero prevailed again today in Class B.

Class B saw yesterday's ruler Bolero maintain her front position albeit with Atalante and Atalante 1, both designed by Hoek and built by Claasen, breathing down her neck, showing us some proper sibling rivalry. The 39m Atalante, flagship of the Truly Classic range, made a bold and early move into clear air which served her well, as she managed to edge out Bolero, rounding mark 4. At this stage the 46m Windrose of Amsterdam, which has sailing legend Bubi Sansó at the helm, had muscled her way into third. The award-winning Atalante kept her leading position and proved her Dutch sailing creds by flying over the finish line first, followed by the 32m Bolero and 46m Windrose of Amsterdam. However, although this classic-style stunner was first over the line, she was not the elapsed time victor. This was the 32m Bolero, a yacht that has proved to be far from the average. She sailed a solid race and thus takes top slot in Class B. Bolero's owner recalls: "Today was a wonderful day. We have a great crew, very knowledgeable and we enjoyed the race very much, it was perfect, and another win today, so a great day for me and the crew." About second place finisher Atalante 1 he commented: "They were chasing us all the time and tried their best to catch up with us, but did not succeed today, but you never know what can happen tomorrow."

In Class A it was the racing-attuned 33m Win Win who ended up with the same amount of points (2) as the fast and sleek 34m Ribelle.

The 33m Win Win not only stormed over the finish line first but also kept her position from yesterday.

Sponsors North Sails host today's Happy Hour at the Regatta Bar, where cooling drinks will take the bite out of a very tense second day out on the water. The Daily Race Awards will take place at 18.00. As soon as today's heroes have soaked up their moment in the spotlight, we're sure most sailors will want to cheer on the gung-ho sailors competing in the paddle-powered relay-race, hosted by Pendennis.

While tales of the day's adventures are swapped back on the dock, owners will be heading to the stunning St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca, to enjoy tonight's Mid-Summer BBQ. Although this spectacular event will feature delicious food as well as an unforgettable view of the jewel-toned Bay of Palma, we're certain tomorrow's last day of racing will be the most talked-about topic.

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Win Win and Bolero Take No Prisoners on First Day of Racing

As most owners and sailors know each other from having gone head-to-head at previous editions, last night's 'Welcome Cocktail' (celebrating the 75th anniversary of silver sponsors Astilleros de Mallorca) was abundant with animated catch-ups and the clinking of glasses. Needless to say, today's racing was yesterday's hottest topic as anticipation has been long-brewing for this first, Pantaenius Race.

For the 34m fully carbon-built Ribelle today will mark her very first spin on the SYC-circuit. She'll be roaring to show her adversaries she's as impressive on the racecourse, as she looks in port. However, for many other competitors, the regatta will serve as the perfect opportunity to sail hard in order to get revenge, or hold on to newly accomplished triumphs. The 32m Farfalla, built by Southern Wind and designed by Farr, took third in this year's New Zealand Millennium Cup. Last year's victor, the 33m Baltic-built Win Win, not only boasts having many racing miles under her keel, but claimed a Class A win during the St. Barths Bucket, which took place in March.

Today saw a sea breeze build to approximately 10 knots for the start line with the fleet facing patchy wind conditions throughout the afternoon. The race committee selected course 4 for both classes, but as the conditions were lighter than expected class B was shortened, while class A went on to complete the full distance. Racing commenced at 13.00 and saw the 32m Frers- designed Bolero slip over the start line first. Bravo to the 33m Win Win who got off to a champion start crossing the line a mere two seconds after her start time. It was indeed also this Baltic Yachts -built flyer who snatched the lead from Ribelle while rounding the third Porrasa mark. The sparkling new 34m Ribelle had rounded mark one and two first, with the aforementioned Win Win and repeat contender Saudade hot on her heels, treating us to some real tight racing. Fierce racer Win Win kept her fast pace and sped over the finish line ahead of Ribelle and the 45m Saudade, which boasts having Volvo Ocean Race veteran Bouwe Bekking on tactics.

The 33m Win Win, a real racer, captured Class A today. ©

The action in Class B started with a duel between the 32m modern classic Bolero and the Claasen classic Atalante. The latter rounded the first three marks ahead of the Frers-designed sloop, while This is Us and Atalante 1 rounded Illetas with a nerve-racking 18 seconds between them. The award-winning 38.8m Hoek-designed Atalante, firmly held on to her lead throughout the course and finished first, but was followed by her smaller sibling and namesake Atalante 1, who had managed to creep in front of the 32m Bolero.

In Class A it was the 33m Win Win who, again, proved she performs every bit as well as she looks. We're sure the well-gelled sailors on this stunner produced by Baltic will be hoping to repeat their stand-out performance tomorrow. She finished 4 minutes and 46 seconds ahead of Saudade on corrected time. Captain Ryan Taylor commented on today's racing that: "conditions were tricky, winds were fluky, both left and right sides. The top mark was a tough rounding, we had a couple of dead spots, but we corrected ourselves and it ended up being really nice racing out there today." On Win Win's ongoing battle with Saudade Taylor quipped: "They've always been close competition, and they always will be. They'll be strong rivals for the next two days for sure"

The 32m Bolero is not only a beautiful looking yacht but was also a rocket on the circuit today. She stormed across the finish line 1 minute before the 27.5m Atalante 1, who took second.

The 32m Bolero, certainly no back up dancer, emerged victorious in Class B. ©

Still buzzing from today's action, sailors will be able to ardently discuss today's racing in the SYC tent, whilst enjoying chilled drinks provided by Southern Spars. The Daily Race Awards, deservedly putting Bolero and Win Win in the limelight, will take place at 18.00. The prize giving will make for the perfect warm-up for the annual SYC Dock Party, which will follow afterwards, and will undoubtedly end up being a night to remember.

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Superyacht insurance specialists, Pantaenius, boast 40 years' experience providing yacht insurance to owners from all corners of the globe. With more than 80.000 satisfied clients and twelve offices on three continents, the company is the top yacht insurance provider in Europe and a crucial key-player in the superyacht industry. We are proud to have Pantaenius, a passionate supporter of the Cup since day one, return as a race partner this year.

Gloves Are Off for 2017 Edition of Palma's Superyacht Cup

Interiors have been stowed, winches have been serviced, and cruising sails have been stored away for later use. Yachts are primed for action and crew members have been perfecting their sailing maneuvers, as well as picking the brains of local racing virtuosos. The heads of this year's participating sailors are in the game and set to race and win Palma's 21st edition of the Superyacht Cup.

Weather-wise the coming days are expected to face fairly light winds, so sailing will depend on Palma's trademark sea breeze, which normally builds daily from just before noon. Patches of 'softer breeze' are also anticipated, making for an added challenge for the yachts' tacticians. The menu for today's competitors that went out training served up a 6-14 knot sea breeze and good mid-afternoon sailing conditions.

Previous event victor, the 33m Win Win, capable of some very quick speeds, out training today.

The entrants in this year's fleet add up to a total of 362 metres of sailing enhusiasm, and range from newly-launched boats, such as the 34m Malcolm McKeon-designed sloop Ribelle (kitted out with a high-tech racing wardrobe) to the 32m German Frers-designed Bolero. Built in 1991, Bolero is this year's most senior entrant, whilst the largest is the 46m classically lined Windrose of Amsterdam. This award-winning schooner has been out of the racing scene for a while; she last competed in 2009. Another former competitor and enchanting example of Dutch boat-building expertise is the 27.5m Atalante 1. This stunning Truly Classic, designed by Hoek and built by Claasen, is our smallest entrant this year.

The fleet's ten yachts, split into classes A and B, will race three challenging coastal courses, selected on the morning of each race. As in previous years, there will be a staggered start sequence at two-minute intervals, which will result in an exciting 'pack finish'. New for this 2017 edition are the Daily Race Awards (which will take place in the SYC tent) and will undoubtedly add a celebratory sparkle to 'regular' end-of-day cold drinks and catch-ups.

The 32m Southern Wind Farfalla, a fast boat, training in the Bay of Palma.

The Superyacht Cup's spirited social programme kicks off tonight with the 'Welcome Cocktail Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Astilleros de Mallorca', an apt opener which will be enhanced by Sheela Gathright's soulful voice. Silver sponsors Astilleros de Mallorca are renowned the world over for their refit and repair facilities which allow them to undertake work on yachts up to 70m in length.

As in previous years, Superyacht Cup racing will be in the safe and trusted hands of MedAire. Their experienced team will provide medical cover on-site and will be at the ready with emergency response.

Racing is scheduled to start at 13.00 tomorrow.

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Too Hot to Handle

The 21st edition of The Superyacht Cup, Europe's longest running superyacht regatta, is set to burst into action in less than one week's time. Most of this year's competitors are, by now, docked stern-to inside Palma's STP, which is positively buzzing with activity. The SYC team have started building the Regatta Village, while sailors and contractors are working around-the-clock on the competing yachts, getting ready for the first day of racing on Thursday.

A number of competing superyachts have certainly earned the right to swagger, as they've proven their regatta-winning potential during some of our previous editions. The 33m Win Win, built by carbon specialists Baltic Yachts, claimed overall victory last year. The 27.5m Atalante 1, built by Claasen and designed by Hoek, put in a sparkling performance in both our 2012 and 2013 races, finishing a satisfactory second at each.

The 27.5m Atalante 1, built by Claasen and designed by Hoek. ©

The 33m Inouï, a yacht that is far from the average, is also accustomed to podium-glory. We'll be looking forward to seeing her telltale green flash hammer around the circuit, as watching her is addictive. Another entrant which comes alive when under sail is the 45m Saudade. This well-versed competitor came class third during our 2015 edition and boasts three back-to-back Loro Piana wins. Boasting an appetite for winning, and fresh from an extensive refit, there is no telling what the limits will be for this racing-attuned rival.

While captains and crew are busy making final preparations, and the world's sailing elite board planes bound for Palma de Mallorca, we look forward to seeing this year's wildly diverse fleet grace the Bay of Palma for our 2017 edition of the regatta.

As Mallorca seems to have skipped spring this year and has plunged straight into the sweltering heat of summer, we've got high hopes of being blessed with one of the regatta's most longed-for ingredients, wind, to make a solid appearance every day. In any case, as renowned for its social program as it is for its racing, we're certain that our 21st Superyacht Cup will decidedly not disappoint.

The Superyacht Cup is as renowned for its social program as it is for its racing. ©

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We are delighted to see silver sponsors ZIS return to the event this year. They have a quarter of a century of experience in providing marine, property and corporate insurance for some of the most discerning clients in the world. Regardless of the location of a yacht, crew or business, ZIS has the global reach to provide optimum cover and to act precisely when needed.

Next on the Mediterranean Racing Calendar: The Superyacht Cup

The Mediterranean racing season's opener, The Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta, concluded June 3rd and saw four Superyacht Cup competitors with oomph, Farfalla, Inouï, Ribelle and Saudade, slice through the circuit. Pro sailors in key positions worked hard to get every inch of speeds out of the boats, and after four days of edge-of-seat racing it was the 45m Saudade who took first. The 34m Ribelle proved she's no back-up dancer by finishing second. Well warmed up, this mix of well-versed competitors and virgin entrants will soon be able to continue combat in Palma de Mallorca, where hospitality is warm, the sailing is fierce and the on-shore fun a given.

The SYC will be the third regatta where the 32m Farfalla (Italian for butterly) will be seen to artfully flit around the racecourse this year. Farfalla, third of the Southern Wind 102 series, took part in the New Zealand Millennium Cup at the start of 2017. The 33m Inouï, also brimming with racing expertise, and unmistakable with her zesty green hull, will be racing for the fourth consecutive time. Furthermore, this Briand-designed beaut came third during last year's edition of the regatta. The 45m Saudade is fresh from an extensive refit during which all kinds of performance-enhancing modifications have taken place. Blessed with powerful lines, Saudade now boasts a new keel, rudder, bowsprit and rigging. The cockpit has also been redesigned which has resulted in an area where crew members are able to maneuver more easily.

After having stretched her legs in chic Porto Cervo, the newly launched Ribelle will be able to flaunt her sailing prowess for the first time in Palma. With her deep keel and lightweight displacement of just 84 tonnes we're confident she'll be able to perform just as well as she looks.

SW102 Farfalla during the New Zealand Millennium Cup, Courtesy of Southern Wind Shipyard.

Adventure Playground New Zealand: A Perfect Match for the Regatta

For the third time, 100% Pure New Zealand will be our 'Destination Partner'. With the regatta's reputation for attracting superyachts with a competitive edge, as well as a desire to push boundaries, it is the perfect match for New Zealand: an adventure playground for yachts wishing to explore further and expand their horizons beyond the traditional Mediterranean and Caribbean cruising grounds. The New Zealand team will be present during the event to introduce you to this world-class cruising and charter destination with 14,000 kilometres of staggeringly beautiful coastline just waiting to be discovered. The waters are pristine, the fishing and diving incredible and onshore you'll find a diversity of landscapes and activities you never dreamed possible.

On the subject of pristine waters, MHS, will once again be supplying thirsty sailors with the handy re-usable water bottles most competitors will recognize from our 2016 edition. Refillable with purified filtered water on-site, these bottles will help reduce the use of single use plastic and will consequently help protect the waters we all love to sail on.

The Strength of our Sponsors: More than Just a Numbers Game

STP, one of the biggest, busiest and most technically advanced shipyards in Europe facilitates superyachts up to 120m. Additionally, 450 reputable contracting companies are located on-site, ready to supply or service any kind of yacht: from the 120m mega yacht A to a relatively tiny Mini Transat. Moreover, captains are able to choose whichever contractor they wish to work with for refit or maintenance work. By and large it comes as no surprise that the yard welcomes more than 1100 boats annually and sees the 700-tonnes travel lifts move over 1600 times!

One of the companies established inside superyacht haven STP is RSB Rigging. These leaders in the rigging industry, a favourite with superyacht captains the world over, have been in business for more than a decade. During these 11 years they have served 1612 clients, supplied 501114 metres of rope and stepped 301 rigs. Most SYC competitors, both past and present, have benefitted from the expertise these local rigging wizards are renowned for. For example they supplied all running rigging for new-build Ribelle and removed Atalante's stay sail in order to improve ease of sail handling during Superyacht Cup racing.

Local rigging wizards RSB have done work on most SYC competitors, both past and present. Photo: courtesy of RSB Rigging

Another silver sponsor supporting the regatta again this year are superyacht paint specialists Jotun, recognized globally as one of the top suppliers of anti-fouling. The Jotun group has 63 companies and 37 production facilities on all continents, and is represented in more than 100 countries. Their high-quality products (anti-fouling, primers, fillers and top coats) have been specifically designed for the mega yacht industry and have proven to perform exceptionally in every sea and ocean of the world.

Watch Out, We're Back

This year's fleet is made up of a selection of incredibly varied yachts. For example, we'll be able to see new entrants so fresh their paint's practically still wet (like the previously mentioned 34m Ribelle). These newbies are anxious to get on the start line and prove their regatta-winning potential. However, aside from newcomers, the line-up also sees a myriad of yachts that have served many years on the circuit and have proven blue water credentials. The 32m Frers designed Bolero competed for the last time in 2010. We're thrilled to be able to see her blue lines slice through the race course this year. We're also excited to see the 42m This is Us and her spirited crew return, this steadfast entrant competed in no less than three previous editions: 2011, 2012 and 2014. As the 2011 fleet boasted ten yachts graced with Andre Hoek's distinctly elegant lines this edition featured a dedicated Hoek Class, in which This is Us finished third.

Another former competitor and delicious example of Dutch boat-building expertise is the 46m Windrose of Amsterdam. This award-winning schooner has been out of the racing scene for a while; she competed for the last time in 2009. With her classic lines and the crew's sailing savvy she'll be amped to show her adversaries what she's made of. We can't wait.

The award-winning 46m schooner Windrose of Amsterdam. Photo by

125 Candles, 2 Rocket Yachts and a 2nd Relay-Race

Pendennis has long been a supporter and sponsor of The Superyacht Cup and will continue as a premium sponsor of the regatta this year. Set to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2018, Pendennis is a leader in the build and refit of custom superyachts. With a ten acre site in Falmouth, Cornwall, a technical refit office and workshop in Palma and a comprehensive global fleet support network, the company offers facilities and expertise that rivals the world's best.

We're also pleased to announce that this year's Superyacht Cup will see a repeat of the Pendennis Paddleboard Challenge that the prestigious yacht builders hosted last year. Sailors that experienced our 2016 event will surely remember the roaring crowd and dock-side cheers which accompanied this paddle-powered relay-race.

Last year's paddle board competition drew a huge crowd.
Silver sponsors Ship Motion Group are the brains behind the 33m Win Win and the 45m Visione's speed enhancing Retractable Propulsion Systems. Not only did wild-card Win Win take home the trophy last year, she recently proved her sailing prowess anew by winning the St Barths Bucket regatta. Visione, a SYC regular also built by the carbon composite crackerjacks at Baltic Yachts, finished a not-so-shabby second. Ship Motion's Retractable Propulsion Systems reduces propeller drag and time and again show for an improved sailing performance.

Reckmann, a family business also passionate about performance enhancement, are celebrating their 125th anniversary this year. The company, now in its third generation under the Schuldt family, have been innovators in the world of sailing since 1892. Reckmann, renown for their cutting-edge mast and furling systems, boast a rich and fascinating history. It involves Olympic champions, Admirals Cup, and Whitbread Round the World Race winners, as well as some of the world's largest and most legendary sailing superyachts, like the 33m Inouï, a regular on the SYC race course, and the 52m Elfje, built by Royal Huisman and designed by Hoek. Reckmann will be sponsoring the regatta for the 12th consecutive time!

A first-time sponsor, who we're very proud to welcome to the regatta this year, is VHR (Virtual Human Resources), a technical recruitment consultancy specialized in the Superyacht, Formula 1, Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industries. Their talented recruitment teams excel in the sourcing of designers, engineers, project managers and technicians -whether for a competitive race yacht, luxury superyacht or Formula 1 car. With a global network across the aforementioned industries, VHR provides temporary and permanent recruitment, as well as logistics, tax and payroll solutions to satisfied clients in all corners of the globe.

2017 Line-Up sees Rebellious New-Build take on Experienced Warhorse

We're excited to announce that Vitters' very latest all-carbon launch, the 34m Ribelle, will be making tracks for the SYC finish line this year. This budding racer is the second Vitters built superyacht which hails from the Malcolm McKeon drawing board. Details about the yacht are still shrouded in mystery, but if we are to go by her racy looks and telltale name (Ribelle is Italian for rebellious / untamable) she's set to make a splash! Ribelle is in the process of having her mast stepped and is scheduled to commence sea trials over the next few weeks.

Pitting against Ribelle (and other freshly launched creations) will be a number of 'senior' competitors; yachts that were already flying over finish lines while newer entrants were still only a twinkle in an owner's eye. A good case in point is the 45m award-winning record-breaker Mari Cha III. This sleek super maxi, built in 1997, beat the Transatlantic Record in 1998 and the Sydney to Hobart in 1999, hitting speeds in excess of 30 knots. Used to being on the race course, and the podium, this 'battleaxe' is a competitor to watch out for, make no mistake.

The award-winning record-breaker Mari Cha III, photo ©

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